August 2012 News

Subscription Feature Repaired

We recently discovered that the subscription feature on this website was broken; we have corrected the problem and offer our apologies for any inconvenience or concern this may have occasioned. If you would like to receive an email note when we add new content to this website, you can subscribe here. If you tried to subscribe during June and July please try again.


Reverend Master Haryo At Shasta Abbey

As part of his work on behalf of the Order, Reverend Master Haryo often travels between the UK/Europe and the US and is now residing at Shasta Abbey. He makes use of Shasta as a headquarters when he is in the US and he plans to be here for at least a year. He can be contacted here.


Meeting Of The Senior Disciples Of The former Rev. Eko

From July 31st through August 2nd, senior disciples of the former Rev. Master Eko gathered at Compassionate Friend Hermitage for an informal retreat.  They talked, walked, ate, and sat together, exploring together where they have come to in their training over recent years, what concerns are on their minds, and how they may go forward together.


Interim Board Membership Changes

This coming September, Rev. Master Jigen Bartley and Pam Johnson will be stepping down from the board, each having contributed two years of service to the Order for which we are immensely grateful. We will be replacing Rev. Master Jigen and Pam with another monk and lay minister. While the work of the Interim Board is quite challenging, it has been very helpful during this period of Order-wide institutional consideration and reflection and we deeply appreciate the ongoing efforts of the present and future board.

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