October 2012 News

OBC General Meetings

In 2000 we decided to meet more frequently than every ten years for a rules conclave as we are required to do by our bylaws. These interim meetings would be of a general nature, and fulfill a variety of needs. Since then, we have determined to meet together every other year in September, in either Europe or North America, and that every third meeting in the rotation will be a conclave.

After two fairly intense years in succession, this fall marks a bye year while we continue to work on the various projects we have undertaken. Our next meeting, which will not be a conclave, will take place next autumn at Shasta Abbey during the last three weeks of September.


New Executive Secretary

This Fall, Rev. Master Scholastica Hicks will be retiring as Executive secretary for the Order and Rev. Master Haryo has officially accepted Rev. Master Oswin Hollenbeck’s offer to step into the position. We anticipate that this transition will take place sometime before the end of this year.

The OBC Executive Secretary has a variety of specific corporate and other responsibilities, and generally assists the Order and the Head of The Order with the many administrative tasks involved in running our organization.

Rev. Master Scholastica has been Executive Secretary for the past 14 years and we are deeply grateful for her many years of service to the Order. Rev. Scholastica will be taking on other responsibilities at Shasta Abbey.

Rev. Master Oswin, who is the chief priest of the Eugene Buddhist Priory, came to Shasta Abbey in September for a year’s sabbatical and, along with his disciple Rev. Allard Kieres, was warmly welcomed by the Shasta community. We are happy that Rev. Master Oswin will be filling this position. Rev. Oriana LaChance, from Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, has come over to be acting prior at Eugene. We wish them all well in their new roles.


Lay Ministers’ Retreat

A modest number of lay ministers met at Shasta Abbey from the 26th through the 30th of September. Each year a number of lay ministers, both in North America and in Europe, spend a long week-end together. While on retreat, they join in the monastery schedule as well as taking the opportunity to talk with one another about the issues common to all trainees.  This year the theme of the retreats was Communication within the Precepts. At Shasta Abbey there were three moderated discussions. The first one focused on Thinking and then subsequently, Listening and Speaking in harmony with the Precepts. Sessions such as these are clearly times for living the teaching, as are all retreats and gatherings of the Sangha, worldwide.


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