Essays on practice

The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives publishes a quarterly Journal containing articles on meditation and Buddhist training, written by monks, lay ministers and congregation members of the Order. A subscription to the Journal can be an excellent adjunct to one’s practice because through it one can learn from others’ personal experiences, deepen one’s own understanding of the Dharma and strengthen one’s faith.

The Journal has a new website with an up-to-date list of articles, news on recent and upcoming issues and subscription information at

The Journal also contains important announcements from the Order, newly-translated scriptures and information on new books published by monks of the Order. Additional features of the Journal are news, announcements and photographs from the monasteries and temples of the Order, all of which help us take refuge in and keep in touch with one another.

Featured Articles

The Truth of Being, by Rev. Haryo Young, M.O.B.C.

Continuing Practice After a Retreat, by Paul Taylor, OBC