The Serene Reflection Meditation Tradition embodies:

  • The practice of meditation.
  • Keeping the moral Precepts of Buddhism, both in our outward behavior and service to others as well as in the inner practice of cleansing our own hearts.
  • The teaching that all beings have the Buddha Nature. All are fundamentally pure, but out of ignorance we create suffering, thereby obscuring our real nature.
  • Awakening the heart of compassion and expressing it through selfless activity.



Meditation is the foundation of our religious practice: through it we can discover the Truth directly for ourselves. It is to sit still with an open, alert and bright mind, neither suppressing nor indulging the thoughts and feelings that arise. In meditation, one learns how to accept oneself and the world as it is. Profound transformation becomes possible once we know things as they are.

If I feel I am separate from everyone else, then, out of this feeling, I may act selfishly to get what I want. If I know that within diversity, nothing is separate, then I already have all I need — for I am One with all things. Meditation enables us to discover the real nature of our own being.

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